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Lab5's experts work with companies of all sizes to build and improve their Salesforce CRM programs through great design
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Simplifying the complex through design since 2017

Clients describe Lab5 using our four favorite words:


The way your project runs and the solutions we build should be even easier than you expected.


Clients regularly tell us that the solutions we build exceeded their expectations.


We pull out all the stops to get things done quicker than other teams who came before us.


Clarity and simplicity are core to how we communicate in our meetings, emails, and any client work.

How we work

Our unique five-step approach to project management is built with simplicity at its core.
Step 1
Define project goals and requirements
Step 2
Solution design and timeline planning
Step 3
Design, build, and test new features
Step 4
Gather feedback
and iterate
Step 5
Launch, celebrate, and repeat!

A global team of the best Salesforce minds in the industry.

Patrick Sheil

Worked with eBay, Choice Hotels, Google, DeVry University, and more.

George Costa

Worked with Thomson Reuters, Walmart, Google, and more.

Carrie Maldovan

Worked with The Adventure Project, Above Safaris, Google, and more.

Liz Kennedy

Worked with, Google Partner Developer Relations, and more.
Collectively, members of our team have spent


hours building great user experiences
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Case studies

Adrian Schurr

Giving Program Manager,
I manage a lot of contracts on behalf of Without a doubt, Lab5 is the most collaborative, responsive, and flexible. Our relationship with them truly feels like a partnership. I don’t anticipate ever leaving them. They are true partners in the strictest sense of the word.

Cass Forsyth

Global Marketing Lead,
Google for Startups
Lab5 brings an unparalleled depth of technical knowledge about the CRM tools we need. They’ve put the building blocks in place for us to analyze the makeup of our communities and see the impact of our work.
Cameron Bard Headshot

Cameron Bard

Vice President,
DSD Renewables
Throughout our engagement, Lab5 has seamlessly become a trusted, reliable, and creative part of our team- it's hard to imagine where we’d be without them. Transforming the clean energy financing sector is hard work and we’re lucky to have Lab5 by our side.